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What: A Lovely Creation is a Central Coast retreat for wedding creatives, mainly photographers, but is suited and open to any creative. This will be an incredible experience of wonderful food, beautiful scenery, and new experiences. This is a workshop overwhelmingly full of artistic insight to increase your creativity. The goal is to help you strive to keep things simple, to redefining success for each person individually, and to stay profitable, so your business will be rewarding for years to come. This workshop will challenge you to honestly examine who you are as a person, and who you, specifically, were created to be. No two people who attend will leave with the same direction, however, the hope is that all will leave encouraged and equipped to be uniquely themselves.

We are opposed to industry hype telling you you need to “do everything”, “be everything”, and copy what others are doing. This is a toxic formula for success that often breeds jealousy, “burn-out”, and depression. Alternatively, we are coming from a belief that God created everyone to be different and unique. It is essential to have a purposeful and intentional life outside of business, and we will encourage you to draw boundaries in your business and personal life as a foundation to help define success. Starting from there, this will enable us to be the creatives we were designed to be. Borrowing principles from David Allen (Getting Things Done), we will help everyone set goals, strategies, and tactics that help the back end of the business to be more effective and simple. There is nothing worse than having a business that is unorganized, and that takes the energy out of our creative side, so we are not able to progress as artists that develop our business to be as unique as it can be. This workshop experience will take you through a process that is freeing, and that touches each attendee personally, as opposed to just adding more things to do. At no point will we glorify “being busy”, or encourage this. Does this environment sound interesting? By developing friendships with others who are in the same position, you will have a group that will help keep you accountable to the goals you set, both personally and in business. We want to give you the tools to make progress from the education you invest in, so that it multiplies in value.

Who: This is for no more than 12 visual creatives (mainly photographers) in the wedding industry who want that extra push to reach their goals, and who want practical steps to help get there. This workshop welcomes everyone from beginners, who have a basic understanding of their camera, to seasoned artists who want to re-brand, refresh, simplify, and re-focus on creating lovely work.

- Define what success for each of us is (this is unique to everyone)
- Learn how to set creative goals that you are able to implement immediately, and learn how to better get things done (recommended pre-read: David Allen’s GTD)
- Develop & refine your relational skill-set, which is essential in an emotional & business balance of the wedding industry
- Capture portfolio content from top wedding designers, and hear what they have to say. Chat with them during dinner & fireside chats.
- Learn how to plan for future growth, outsourcing, networking, lighting, post production, albums, marketing & sales, tips on making every step of the way easy & effective for your goals.
- Walk through a real wedding

Day 1- Sessions this day are covering everything related to working inside the studio & on the computer, keeping business systems simple & freeing up time.
Day 2- Sessions this day cover all things pertaining to client and vendor relationships, and the personality/performance of a photographer, including the day of the wedding.
Day 3- The last day’s sessions cover getting new work, growing your business, and working with prospective couples.

- Local farm-to-table dining experience
- Luxury estate accommodations
- Wine tasting
- Tour of the Central Coast
- Camaraderie with new friends
- Morning stand up paddle board/kayak session in Avila Beach (rentals provided)

- 5 Main business sessions (10 hours)
- Tour of select wedding venues
- 2 full evening inspiration portfolio shoots with amazing designers (Jill Lafleur & Krista Jon Designs)
- Guest talk from a wedding stylist
- Q&A time
- Portfolio reviews & consults

Walk away with:
- Practical steps on how to create your 2015 look book & website updates
-Workflow systems to keep things simple and get things done
-Portfolio content
-Key new relationships with vendors
-Strategies for getting more weddings
-Knowing what to say no to, and what to say yes to!

There is so much loveliness in this region that we will explore and share together. Rachel and I look forward to seeing you in October!