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This workshop is unique designed for you to develop the art of editing & style. Learn how to experience, distinguish & recognize unique styles, learn how to edit better and faster for print and web.

Who: This class is for: 1st or 2nd year photographers through intermediate wedding photographers(who want to fresh inspiration) who want to learn how to choose, visualize and refine their style with new inspiration, and practical steps to continue this evolution. Its recommended for photographers who have at least 10 shoots under their belt so you have something to edit.

Class size: limited to 12 seats

What to bring:
Software: Lightroom 5
Gear: Laptop w/ or w/o external screen, iMac or a computer to edit your photographs. If you need to rent or borrow a machine, please contact us for options.
Attitude: A heart to learn, without a care or worry of what others think of your work, and a mind & notebook ready to be inspired with knowledge of curating and wisdom to implement and repeat after the workshop!

Pre-workshop prep: Bring a hard drive with every file from your past shoots. We will re-edit those. Don’t hold back, bring everything. ( you don’t have to show others if you don’t want to, but you need something to edit) These can be second shooter shots, or even work from 5 years ago.

Weddings- your favorite 3-6 weddings
Engagements - your favorite 4-10 shoots
Family portraits - your favorite 3-8 shoots
*better to bring more than less!

Workshop: This is a group workshop, interaction and dialog with other participants is part of the experience.
*Ticket sales are non-refundable, but transferable if you find a replacement for your seat!

Homework before arrival: More details and help given two weeks before arrival for you to gather prep material.

More: Please email us if you have more questions!

Curate Benefits:
- Define what success for each of us is
(this is unique to everyone)
- Learn how to set creative goals that you are able to implement immediately, and learn how to better get things done
(recommended pre-read: David Allen’s GTD)
- Learn how to prepare & plan better for shoots to improve what you capture.
- Learn how to create the most streamlined file system for speed and be organized.
- Watch Mike Edit a wedding and a casual portrait shoot
- Case studies of styles & work
- Listen to a top stylist share about style
- Q&A with stylst & Mike
- Walk through a real wedding
- Portfolio reviews(both group and private

Food: We will enjoy snacks through out the day and a lunch

More: Want more attention & help, Sign up for a mentor session the following morning. email for details!