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Curate Definition: The process of an expert who selects, edits, organizes and presents a body of work.

Every artist has some vision of what they want to become and that their work can stand out and be unique. Getting there alone can be exciting at times and challenging.

There is an art to what we produce and how we produce. Often overlooked, the craft of curating and editing what we produce is such an important foundation to our growth and development. It is easy to get lost in one minor aspect of editing such as color, that we miss the bigger perspective.

Most workshops offer a portfolio shoot, with immediate results and little attention paid to the inspiration, sweat and The important step of critical thinking the analysis of challenges in the past from each shoot will help you grow faster in the future. Repeating this and improving on each shoot is not obtained and so much of the essential information to be sufficient to repeat is not transferred.

The biggest question that this workshop encourages you to ask is “why”. This is not only a how to curate and edit, but a why to.

We will run through the essentials of what happens when we try and fit every shoot into print and web, so that we capitalize on every post shoot evaluation to improve on the next session.

I want to help you draw this essential skill of critical thinking about curating so that you can learn how to edit by watching what I do from beginning to end, during this workshop, while we work side by side to help you through the process so you can repeat this on your own.

There is a direct correlation to the hours spent editing, with the development of your style. And you will attract the type of work you showcase.

This will be an intensive, invigorating and impactful way to start 2015 so that you have the portfolio that will bring you the work you want and connect you with those who recognize you as an artist with a consistent & unique style.

"Your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest included work.”

See you there!