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We will cover the following topics: How to be different in a sea of photographers, shooting right the 1st time, the power of specializing & unique positioning, designing your business to fit your life(with freedom), sales, pricing, marketing, how to brand yourself, walk through the images a full real Mike Larson wedding, (See last years workshop published on Style Me Pretty! ), gear, packaging, assistants, associates, speedy systems for editing in Lightroom, simple workflows, profitable business systems, and more...

This class is for: Beginner to advanced wedding & portrait photographers who want to define their style or energize their style with new inspiration.

Stuff to bring: Camera w/ telephoto and portrait lens(s). Good shoes to get around town, a laptop or a fat notebook and a pen, iPad or whatever you like for taking notes.

Workshop: This is a group workshop is designed with interaction and dialog with participants. It is the opposite of a typical classroom setting. We will have 2 evening shoots, one a casual portrait session and a wedding shoot. In the evenings we will come back after the shoot and cook an Italian meal together, and continue the friendship, and conversation as long as desired. In the past people have hung out till all hours of the night talking together.

Post workshop: Past participants have shared that their success of this workshop is amplified with relationships with the other photographers. Collaborating, sharing leads, and challenging each other has been an important part.

Stuff to bring: Basic Camera gear, laptop or a fat notebook and a pen, iPad or whatever you like for notes.

*Ticket sales are non-refundable & non-transferable.

Detailed Details: This workshop will cover these topics: I'll cover the state of the industry right now. Why to specialize, alternatives to specializing (i.e. being a generalist. If you hurt your knee, you'd go to a knee specialist over a general doctor, right? You'd also expect him to charge you a premium. You are either a specialist or a generalist, you'll find out exactly what you are and what you can do to either change it, or play the game at a higher level (more peace, clarity, profit & purpose). We'll review some case study examples to make this crystal clear. Setting the right goals, and creating strategies and tactics to achieve them. This makes saying "no" easy and not stressful. Whatever tasks or opportunities you say yes to, will clearly move you closer to your goal and farther away from uncertainty and fear.
We'll also talk about being a performance artist vs. a product artist. Finally we will cover Socratic selling, how to sell your specialization. Even if you don't have a niche, I'll show you how you can leverage yourself in your business more so than your images. We'll discuss how you can lead the sales consultations by getting them to share what they are passionate about within the first minute of the chat. That way you can decipher if they are a good fit for you. We will wrap up with Character Marketing, and how to use your personality to grow who you are as a businessperson.

Lodging: Each room fits 2 people, unless you opt to pay 350 Euro extra for your own room. Those who bring a friend to sign up with them are invited to request their roommate. We will match you with same gender people from the similar region and share their info so you can connect with them ahead of time and bond. We will share that information with you as others sign up and we match the right people together! So far in the past this has worked out really well.