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Relationships & Loyalty
Building your business by relationships and getting people to refer YOU, because of who you are and second, what you do. The best work comes from referrals and I'll show you how we've built networks of people one step at a time so that we get quality leads from people who love working with us, not because of what camera we use, but because of who we are and how we make them feel.

Whenever I look at an olive tree, a grapevine, an old mosaic, or familiar aged gray architectural stone, I'm forever reminded of Italy. My mind is instantly taken back to the memories of the trips I've taken there with family touring through Tuscany. Laughing and living. Exploring the countryside, we would discover different foods, towns, people, and stumble upon sights that would amaze us. Our memories of these times are something we want to revisit over and over again, if not in person, then in photographs. Our favorite experiences are always the people that made us feel at home in a foreign country. Not the souvenirs or the products, but the service.

This is the same way I run my business. When people love the people that serve them, they will love what they produce. It becomes

We will go into building businesses by relationships, covering everything you need to know about running a business, from the technical, to the marketing, live shoots, and we will end with a meal together and disuse further about the day, what we learned and how to implement.

Another very valuable asset is the teamwork, you will meet others who will teach, encourage, and challenge you, who will be lifelong friends to support each other as you grow in your business.

There is no better place to experience what we want our clients to experience than in Italy, a place full of life and love. The workshops, along with the group of passionate people coming together to learn and encourage one another will leave you with hope, strength, and clarity.

We anticipate a potential bonus of a live satellite feed from a wedding blog, answering your questions, as well as a styled shoot and a real couple modeling for portraits!

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