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This is a super info-packed seminar style + discussion style workshop. Emphasis on lots of nuggets of important information, as well as creating relationships with others so that you have a network of people who are like minded to stay accountable with.

1st Session:
Presentation on the 10 of the important overall goals for any photographer in 2014:

1. Stop, pray, what are YOU supposed to be doing. Chances are its not duplicating what everyone else is doing.
2. Get wisdom - seek mentors, learn how to screen what people are saying & qualify your inspirational inbound sources
3. KNOW - your weaknesses & strengths, we'll use this knowledge to help us later.
4. Set up the right environment to succeed, business, workspace, workflow
5. Set the RIGHT goals for you, not just hyp-ish goals that someone famous is doing.
6. STOP doing things that are not profitable, we'll talk about how to identify the time wasters, and I'll share lessons I learned and the top mistakes photographers make.
7. Budget, where to spend your time & money to get the biggest return.
8. Relationships - who to connect with, how to approach them, and how to make them lasting & valuable so you get referrals.
9. Marketing & Perception (specialization vs generalization)
10. Start getting jobs, FAST! Practical steps to

Second Session: Open Q&A on practical steps & issues/problems you have, we will discuss as a group.